Welcome to Living Water Purpose & Destiny Church. Our prayer is that the reality of who God is becomes greater in your life than ever before. Our concern is that the glory of God be revealed in every aspect of your life and that you become the person that God has created you to be from the beginning of time. As our motto states, we are the place where souls are healed, thirsts are quenched, destinies are revealed and purposes are fulfilled. We the family of Living Water have committed ourselves to not only having the greatest worship experience possible, but that you may also achieve your highest heights in life.

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Living Water Purpose & Destiny Church
12515 Fondren Rd., Suite N
(In the Argyle Plaza)
Houston, TX 77035
Phone: (281) 972-9463

Where Souls are Healed. Thirsts are Quenched. Destinies are Revealed and Purposes are Fulfilled.

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